BONGO Agency Website Launch

BONGO Agency - Advertising, Marketing, Interactive and Public RelationsThere’s a brand new beat in town and its name is BONGO.

BONGO is a hip, new agency run by two experienced ad men—Michael D’Antonio and David Thompson. Moving away from the concept of a small agency as a glorified design house providing production services, BONGO’s mission is to offer big agency expertise in brand development, advertising, public relations, interactive and marketing—while emphasizing agility, flexibility, and, above all, detailed attention to your brand. It’s a savvy business model and one I think will catch on quickly. Afterall, why deal with an impersonal Big 10 agency when you can get the same strategic expertise, creative, and marketing vision from a company that actually cares for your business like it was their own? Yeah—I don’t know why either.

These guys are great to work with—so take a look, and if you’re seeking results, give them a call.

BONGO Agency - Advertising, Marketing, Interactive and Public Relations

Services Provided:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Project management
  • Information architecture
  • Web design
  • Web development (standards-based XHTML and CSS)

I've worked in new media and interactive related fields for over fifteen years as a Web designer, developer, project manager, new media department director, freelance consultant, founder and all around "Web guy." Owner of Pixel Engine (Philadelphia).

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