Search Engine Marketing


Search Advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

If you’ve just launched a new site, or have an old one that is under-performing, pay-per-click ads can provide immediate increases in traffic from your target audience.    PPC ad campaigns, such as Google AdWords, are tailored to your budget, provide measurable results and, perhaps best of all, only cost you when someone clicks on the ad.

Let’s talk about how PPC can become an key revenue generator for your business.

Search Advertising and Pay-Per-Click
Search Engine Marketing

The Benefits of Online Advertising

Immediate Audience

You do not have to wait for months to obtain high quality traffic from the major search engines.


You only pay if a visitor clicks through to your site—if your ad appears in a search and is read by a search engine visitor, you pay nothing until they click and reach your site.

Highly Targeted

Ads only appear in relevant searches, where the searcher is seeking someone with your products or services.  Campaigns can also be geographically targeted so you may enhance your local advertising and avoid paying for clicks from visitors that do not benefit your business.

Motivated Visitors

Search engine visitors are consistently among the most motivated visitors. This leads to more qualified leads for your business and great conversion rates.

Let’s talk about how PPC can become an key revenue generator for your business.

Your Ad Campaign: What to Expect

Included in your pay-per-click campaign:

1. Keyword research, analysis and selection

2. Review of your competition

3. Ad campaign strategy

4. Estimated average cost-per-click (CPC)

5. Ad copy

6. Landing page development

7. Ad performance monitoring

8. Monthly reporting

9. Consultations as you need them

Search Engine Marketing Process

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