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Check Maintenance Off Your To-Do List

Feel Confident in Focusing on Your Business, Not Your Website.

Keeping your site up-to-date should not be a burden. Let me execute your edits and updates in a timely, professional manner. Web maintenance services protect your site and investment and assure your needs for content management are met and exceeded.

Outsourcing routine maintenance can substantially reduce your maintenance costs by eliminating the need for dedicated or part-time staff.

Website Maintenance, Backups, Security, Content Updates and More.

Website Maintenance Services

Keep your site in great working order and maintain its effectiveness.

Maintain your investment through regular maintenance, without being required to do it yourself.

Website Maintenance Services

Content Updates

Update your content side-wide:  new pages, promotions, PDFs, blog posts, news and announcements

Image editing and publishing

Plan and execute content updates

Software Updates

Update and maintain the software running your site

Update plugins, libraries, packages and more.


Maintain scheduled backups of files and database content

Provide secure offsite backups in encrypted cloud storage

Uptime Monitoring

Track and report any downtime your site experiences

Respond to downtime alerts

Troubleshoot outages


Install and configure a web application firewall

Scan for malware up to 4 times daily

Provide website security audits

Conduct security hardening

Malware Cleanup

Restore your site’s code to original and return your site to functioning


Provide Linux and Windows hosting services

Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud options

Website Audits

Comprehensive reviews of your site

Recommendations to allow your site to load faster and better serve your visitors

Test and review the workflow of public-facing Web applications

Review of all applications for usability and accessibility improvements

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