How to Enable or Disable Comments in WordPress
Learn how to enable or disable comments in WordPress globally, per page, or with plugins. Get steps to turn comments on/off, override defaults, remove existing comments, and manage comment functionality.
What should a procurement office look for when evaluating VPAT/ACR documents from a vendor? What are some of the red flags you might encounter?
You may encounter this error when attempt to automatically update a plugin in the WordPress admin plugins area. Here are several troubleshooting steps.
This year, Pennsylvania could be the first state to pass Right to Repair. We have a chance to guarantee our right to repair electronic equipment, like smartphones, computers, cars, trucks and even farm equipment. But we need your help!
Occasionally, you might see the following error when uploading an image to the Media Library. The issue may also occur when uploading an image in a Gutenberg block, or page builder image widget or image area.
The Google for Nonprofits grant program that can help your nonprofit organization raise awareness, attract donors, and recruit new volunteers using free Google search ads. Spread the word.
Let me count the whys -- from poorly performing staging servers and caching problems to backup issues and more. Oh My!
Good news; bad news. WordPress 5.5 adds native XML sitemap features. However, if you had a sitemap already, you may now have two.
"Tags are Not Your Key to Better Search Engine Optimization," but they still have some uses.
Small changes often have large impact at scale. Sometimes that one little change to a form could cost you millions.
Save that old, classic Epson 1200 scanner by installing its ancient drivers on Windows 10.
Best practices and problems to avoid when using WordPress tags.
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