Information Architecture


Information Architecture

Information architecture is the art and science of organizing websites and web applications to provide enhanced usability. If visitors are unable to quickly locate information on your site, or have trouble working its interface, they will become disinterested or simply leave to visit a competitor’s site or use their app.

Benefits of Information Architecture
Information Architecture and UX Design

The Benefits of Information Architecture

Using information architecture best practices to your project yields:

  • Websites and applications that are easier to use
  • Online information that is easier to find
  • Applications that better meet your business requirements
  • Greater customer satisfaction
  • More returning visitors
  • Better sales conversions
  • Better user adoption of your app

Sites with better organization, information architecture and attention to their users’ needs, consistently perform better and provide a higher return on investment.

Common Deliverables

Wireframes are a common information architecture deliverable. Below are a few pages of a basic wireframe, created in Visio. The document highlights the layout, documentation styles and version control methods I use when working on wireframes as part of an information architecture project.

Download this sample Visio wireframe documentation (PDF, 101K)

Information Architecture - Wireframe Example

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