Pixel Engine Website Relaunch

Pixel Engine Website RelaunchEvery once and awhile, in between client projects, you get to redesign one of your own sites. Pixel Engine, existed as a simple, one-page website for many years. Eventually, the business grew to a point where seeking out larger projects was possible and the site needed to reflect that ability and position itself accordingly. The new site highlights our portfolio and services, allows easy publishing of articles useful to our current and future clients, and offers case studies of representative projects that highlight our value.

About Pixel Engine

Pixel Engine Website Relaunchbers, build new communities, create relationships, recruit volunteers, solicit donations and more.

Educational institutions, professional organizations and associations greatly benefit from our professional web design and marketing services which allow them to attract new students, members and supporters and more.

I've worked in new media and interactive related fields for over fifteen years as a Web designer, developer, project manager, new media department director, freelance consultant, founder and all around "Web guy." Owner of Pixel Engine (Philadelphia).

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