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A Bit About Me

Born in Pennsylvania, I spent my youth in the Pacific Northwest, mostly Washington state and northern Idaho, before returning east for college — first at Williams and then at the University of Pennsylvania.

I’ve worked in the web design, development and online marketing fields for over 20 years as a Web designer, developer, project manager, department director, freelance consultant, founder and all around “web guy.”

I also have involvements in online publishing particularly in the “open-access” academic arena. My largest effort was as founder and Editor-in-Chief of Other Voices: The eJournal of Cultural Criticism, an award-winning scholarly publication affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.

A bit about Vance Bell
Caspar David Friedrich

Useless Favorites, Facts and Figures

Artist: Edward Kienholz
Philosopher: Theodor Adorno
Typeface: Gotham
Painter (early 20th C.): Paul Klee
Fruit: Huckleberries
Punctuation Mark: Em Dash
Author: Walter Benjamin
Filmmaker: Krzysztof Kieslowski
Beverage: Matcha
Meal: Brunch
Veggie: Bell Pepper & The Sweet Onions
Pen: Aurora
MMORPGs: DAoC & Warhammer
FPS: Stalker
Film Based on the Book: Perfume
Animator(s): Bros. Quay
Short Story Writer: Franz Kafka
Painter (early 19th C.)Casper David Friedrich


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