AroundMainLine.com Website Launch

AroundMainLine.com Website LaunchLaunch day…it’s a recurring theme around here. But today is rather special, it’s the launch of AroundMainLine.com, the Philadelphia region’s first online magazine covering the Main Line, western suburbs and surrounding region. AroundMainLine.com offers readers great articles and features covering dining, going out, travel, fashion, shopping, people, local buzz and more. The e-magazine also offers regional businesses a great opportunity to tap into the elusive Main Line readership. While there are a few traditional, limited reach, print publications serving the western suburbs, this will be the first to effectively tap into a broader, and in many cases younger, audience. It will be exciting to participate in, and help drive, its growth.

Also, don’t forget, AroundMainLine.com is planning great launch party at Blush Restaurant and Bar in Bryn Mawr on October 16th. Want to come? Visit AroundMainLine.com and sign up to receive your invitation. AroundMainLine.com will be hosting more special events in the future, so keep an eye out.

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  • March 16, 2009

    Jim @ CoolStuffForDads.com

    I just came across AroundMainLine.com today – what a great website! I really like the events they highlight (around the Philly Main Line).

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