How to Use Tags in WordPress
Best practices and problems to avoid when using WordPress tags.
Learn what to consider when selecting your WordPress categories and how integrating them into your website or blog can lead to better traffic.
Facebook ads restrict the amount of text that can appear on an ad image. How much are you allowed and how much should you use?
Great meta descriptions yield more traffic from search engines. Learn how to create compelling ones for your site and how to avoid common mistakes.
Share a draft WordPress post or page without needing to create new user and grant access to your admin.
A guide to creating your first Etsy listing and many more after that.
What tools do colleges and universities place in the hands of students, staff and faculty to ensure online content is accessible to all?
How do you test if the contrast ratio of your website's text meets Section 508 or WCAG 2.0 accessibility requirements? Use a good tool, of course.
Transitioning from a one-page site to a seventy page site requires effort, but it's worth it.
If your Twitter widget has stopped working, it may be time to create an embedded timeline.
Although more recently called display ads, banner ads are still very common and effective -- as these were for Main Line Restaurant Week.
Who to you call when you need a plumber? Often it's hard to know. I'd trust Jack Edmondson for any sort of plumbing or related renovation.
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