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Nocella Roofing Website Launch

By Vance Bell | December 15, 2008

Have you seen the average small business website? If so, then you know the horrible state they are usually in—poor design, broken links, missing information, bad HTML, no search visibility and little traffic to speak of. Well, as a independent business person myself, I’ve made it a point to seek out projects that directly benefit other small business owners. Nocella Roofing is the latest example.

Nocella Roofing has been roofing homes and businesses in the Philadelphia area since, well, model T Fords lined Broad St. As you might imagine, their roofing expertise and understanding of Philadelphia’a unique construction requirements are second to none. Furthermore, owner Ray Nocella is true roofing innovator, holding patents for several winter roof ice abatement products and roof drainage systems. Recently, Nocella Roofing has even been developing environmentally beneficial and energy efficient green roof projects.

So when it was time to move the family business online, Ray and I first discussed the overall plan and strategy (like all good tradesmen), before getting down to work. The first fruits of our collective labor—a newly designed website—launched and immediately began to generate new business leads. Next, we’ll execute the rest of the online marketing plan and build that site into a solid, long-term vehicle for business growth.

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